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1. The right age for admission to LKG is four plus while the right age for admission to class 1 is six plus.
2. All admission shall be preceded by an interview and entrance test. The decision taken by the school authority in this regard is final.
3. The application form should be filled in with much care and submitted to the school office within at due time.
4. Admission is open to all children without distinction of caste, creed or language.


Students are once admitted must remain in the school at least for the entire academic year.

2. The school year is divided into two terms :
  a. June to October
  b.November to March
  3. If a parent desires to withdraw the child from the school before the end of the school year, the rules demand that the school fees for that entire year should be paid before the transfer Certificate could be issued.
  4. All application for transfer certificate should be handed in writing by the parent or legal guardian. 
  5. The management reserves the right to compel the parents to withdraw their children if their conduct is harmful to the students.


1. Irregular attendance, non-payment of fees, habitual disobedience and conduct, injurious to the moral tone of the school, justify dismissal at any time of the year.
2. Malpractice in examination is a grave offence. If found guilty, the following rule shall apply; For the first time, the student will be awarded zero marks for all the papers of the said examination. If repeated, it will lead to either detention or dismissal.
3. If any correction is done on the report card by the student she/he will be awarded zero in all subjects.
4. Any misbehavior of the serious nature that has become public knowledge is liable to bring about suspension or dismissal even if it took place outside the school premises.


1. All the students should attend the class punctually in neat and tidy uniform. If by chance a pupil comes late, an entry has to be made in the page allotted for late attendance in the School Diary and the signature of the Principal, or other persons authorized be obtained before entering the class. b. No leave of absence will be granted except on written application of the parent, addressed to Principal in advance.
2. students who for unexplained reasons absent themselves for more than five days continuously are struck off the rolls and as a rule, are to be readmitted.
3. If the student is absent due to illness, the Principal must be informed at once and the student must submit a medical certificate when he/she comes to school.
4. No student should be seen outside the class room during class hours.
5. Only those students who secure 80% of attendance will be considered for promotion to the next higher class.


School fees of your child can be paid at any branch of Federal Bank by submitting his/her admission number.

First Instalment June 15th
Second Instalment September 15th
Third Instalment January 15th
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